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Author: Tris

Going Mobile
10 Oct
Mobile Home Now Has A New Meaning

Mobile first, that’s what we are all thinking now. Nearly 70% of our website traffic is on mobile. In honour of this, today I am writing my blog on my mobile. The main aim is to show that it really does help to blog showing your...

07 Oct
5 Ways Maintaining a Facebook Page Can Benefit Your Business

Facebook is the indisputable king of all social networks! Boasting more than 1.71 billion users worldwide, out of which more than 1.13 billion are daily active users, the social networking giant has become the mainstay of the Internet experience. For businesses, these figures represent a giant pool...

Social Media 2
03 Oct
Social Media in Ireland

Over 81% of households have access to the internet in Ireland, which shows internet penetration in this country is very high, in particular, internet use on smartphones. According to a study conducted, an average of 77% of Irish people use mobile devices such as phones,...

Digital Marketing
30 Sep
The First 5 Things to Know in Digital Marketing

IT will be tough to tell you 5 main things to keep in mind when digital marketing as it is a bit of a misnomer because it’s such a big area. However, I have found these very useful over the last couple of years. Build...

Social Media
26 Sep
What Successful SME’s Can Teach You About Twitter Marketing

Social Media Examiner’s seventh annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report, reveals that 92% of small business owners said “Social media marketing is important for my business”, of which 79% is carried out on Twitter. Small business owners and marketers put increased exposure and traffic via social...

18 Jun
Easy ways to grow your company for beginners

Chances are, there are hundreds of people looking for a company with your skill set to meet their needs right now. But at the moment, you can’t afford to put ads up everywhere. How can you, as a new business owner, get more clients?  Inbound...

Be relevant
16 Apr
Modern day marketing: a view from an agency!

Inbound marketing has become the latest craze in marketing. People are using it to become "amazing marketers", which is a fantastic occasion as it sorts the spoofers from the practitioners. Like with any discipline, you have good practitioners and bad practitioners. The bad ones are...

06 Feb
The Facebook Pixel

On any channel, you need to be able to track your advertising. It's what makes Digital advertising so much better. This is no different on social media Where is your money going and how can you spend it better? Recently one of our marketing managers...

Google shopping
06 Feb
 Let’s go (Google) Shopping

A short while ago, PLA’s or Product Listing Ads were updated. PLA’s are now Google Shopping and they are magical. Some may have even said  that “they will revolutionise your e-commerce business”. My blog will be all about digital marketing and its different components. I will...