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5 Ways Maintaining a Facebook Page Can Benefit Your Business


07 Oct 5 Ways Maintaining a Facebook Page Can Benefit Your Business

Facebook is the indisputable king of all social networks!

Boasting more than 1.71 billion users worldwide, out of which more than 1.13 billion are daily active users, the social networking giant has become the mainstay of the Internet experience.

For businesses, these figures represent a giant pool of prospective customers. That’s the reason why Internet marketers find it difficult to overlook the possibilities that Facebook has to offer businesses. In fact, as of May 2016, there were 50 million active business pages on the social network.

Here are 5 ways a Facebook page can benefit your business:

1. Increased exposure and outreach to potential customers

 With nearly two billion active users on Facebook, chances are majority of your target customers are already using the social network. Facebook is offering you the opportunity to reach out to your potential customers and increase your business exposure.

But there is a catch to it. No more than 25 per cent of Facebook users want businesses to sell them products and services directly. Instead, most users want you to engage and entertain them with amazing content and to make them feel awesome. In return, they will become your loyal brand evangelists, who will share your content with their connections and genuinely market your products and services. Remember, 46 per cent of online users rely on social media when it comes to making a purchase decision.

2. Build a community around your brand

A Facebook page will help create a community for your business or brand. Maintaining a Facebook page is a very reasonable option for you to get targeted community members who are already interested in what you have to offer. Do not expect your sales to spike right away. The key here is to develop unique and engaging content and to be social with your Facebook community.

You should develop relevant and creative content, especially images and videos, to build and engage your community. It is also very important to interact with your fans and to generate discussions around topics that pertain to your niche. This will make it likely that your followers will share you posts. Remember, Forbes conducted a survey about buyer behaviour in which 81 per cent of the respondents said posts shared by their friends and family influenced their purchase decisions.

3. Increase your website traffic

 Maintaining a Facebook page can also help generate traffic to your website and smart marketers never ignore this opportunity. Engaging and entertaining your potential customers is very important and so is diverting your target audience to your website by sharing link posts. Your website is where you will convert them into leads and sales.

The good news is that when you share a link of your web page or blog post, Facebook will also fetch images with it, if you have them available on your site. You should make sure to attach images with your articles and blogs because content with an image after every 75 to 100 words gets shared double the amount of articles or blogs with fewer or no images.

4. Get access to inexpensive and effective advertising option

 One of the major advantages of using Facebook page is that you get access to the social network’s inexpensive and effective advertising service. You can easily start an advertising campaign by selecting your target audience on the basis of specific demographic and geographic factors. This means that by spending a few dollars on Facebook advertising, you can communicate your message to hundreds or thousands of potential customers.

Even better, you can increase your Facebook page likes, post engagement and website traffic with the advertising option. It is worth noting here that Facebook advertisers increased by 50 per cent between 2015 and 2016.

5. Provide effective customer support

The number of online users seeking customer support from businesses through Facebook has witnessed a spike over the past couple of years. While many customers may not directly buy through your Facebook page, most of them will seek customer support through the page. Smart marketers will see it as a great opportunity to establish a strong relationship with their existing customers. A research by JD Power found that 67 per cent of consumers are already using Facebook and Twitter to get customer service.

Also, you can easily conduct polls and surveys through your Facebook page before rolling out any new products or services. You may even use your page to get feedback from your customers about your existing products or services. Remember, if your existing customers don’t find your business on Facebook, it can be potentially damaging for your business’s reputation and profitability.


There is no doubt that Facebook has established itself as the most powerful and effective social network for businesses. If you haven’t started a Facebook page for your business yet, you should start to experiment with it now. If you have no time to manage your Facebook business page, you should outsource it to a freelance social media expert or a social media management firm. Get in touch with me for more details!


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