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I offer a range of expert Google Analytics services. I can help you set up and configure your Google Analytics account and provide training to you and your staff that is updated to cover the latest features available. I can also consult with you to answer any questions you have or provide guidance and advice going forward no matter how small your website is.

I also work with other digital agencies and marketing companies to provide enterprise grade GA and GTM implementation. Feel free to get in touch to see how I can help.


Google Analytics Implementation & Configuration

While many website owners can get away with a simply ‘copy and paste’ of the Google Analytics code into their website, they are leaving a lot of important data hidden. I can:

  • Configure your Google Analytics account to work correctly with your AdWords data to insure accurate ROI data.
  • Configure your complicated cross domain or cross subdomain tracking installation needs.
  • Integrate fully the advanced Google Analytics eCommerce tracking that can improve your overall sales visibility down to the exact order detail.
  • Help you configure your complicated custom var tracking to track the smallest level of detail from your site visitors.
  • Set up Google Analytics to analyse your social media marketing efforts.
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Google Analytics Training

I use Google analytics every day and know the advanced features inside out. I can:

  • Provide beginner or advanced level training on every feature of Google analytics for all types of web business.
  • Provide one on one GA training on any feature that is most important to your business.
  • Provide you with a regular “refresher” course to keep you up to date with what’s cutting edge.

If you can’t measure it, did it really happen?

I am part of a select few who hold the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) qualification authorized by Google. I know it inside and out and I use it every day. I know how to use it to your advantage to help you make actionable decisions for your business. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my Google Analytics management services or your company’s Analytics training needs.

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