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I have graduated with first class honors from my BSc. in Applied psychology. From here i moved to my my post graduate diploma in Digital marketing in the DMI. I quickly studied and aced the exams to become a Google partner! I am now carrying out research for a masters in User Experience.

I.T. :

I am proficient with many different operating systems like Windows and Osx. My particular strengths are in the areas of graphic design, social media advertising and consumer purchasing analysis. I have extensive experience with desktop publishing, assorted office programs and image manipulation. I pride myself on constantly updating my knowledge as technology advances. At the moment, I am currently developing my web design abilities in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I am runing a social media campagain with paintquip.ltd at the moment. I have created the website and the social media pages and am trying to grow the following.


I have gained a considerable amount of research experience by doing a number of qualitative interviews for my job over the last number of years. As mentioned above, I have also carried out user based research in the area of online advertising for my thesis. I have experience in using web analytics tools. I addition to my thesis I have carried out quantitative market research for various companies. This experience has helped me to learn how to build reports of varied complexity and present my findings to various clients.

Customer Service:

Throughout my working life I have gained in depth experience and insights into various levels in customer service. Therefore I have a deep understanding of the needs of customers and I can deploy various strategies to ensure customer satisfactions and achieve sales. This approach allows me to retain existing customers and to attract new customers.

Organisational Skills:

In addition to my time management skills which have assisted me in being successful in my studies, I have also organised a number of charity events. These events include charity events in aid of both Global Business Brigades and The Niall Mellon Township Trust. These events required me to liaise with organisations and individuals on both a professional and voluntary level. In addition and recognition of my organisational skills I was elected to be the Vice President of the IADT rugby society. This society is responsible for organising match fixtures, training sessions and social events. I believe that it is my attention to detail that has gotten me to where I am today.

User experience research

These are a couple of examples of how I have used my skills in research to analyse the user experience and suggest results based on my analysis. I have also presented these findings to large audiences who have commended me on my presentation skills.

Family connect

During our course we were tasked with designing a website or an app that helped improve the feeling of home. We designed Family connect. It was a social network based on Facebook which helped people of the sandwich generation to connect with others in their situation to alleviate pressure on their families.

Experience it for yourself

Online Advertising

My final year research project was a study to investigate the difference in the the effectiveness of Online Advertismentswhen they are encountered in a viral or in a non viral setting. I presented my findings at the 35th Annual Congress of Psychology Students in Ireland. I have also compiled a paper in the consumerisation of IT, however it contains confidential material pertaining to Enterprise Solutions.

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I have worked with Paintquip Limited. During my time there I coordinated the market research area and presented my findings to the CEO of the company. I have been involved in the setting up of the website as well as the social media channels of advertisement. As the business continues to grow I am continually involved in the marketing of it’s products. Their website can be seen at paintquip.ie why not have a look.

The DigipOd

Together we are a group of digital junkies looking to gain a foothold in the digital sector. We aim to help small businesses to create an online platform to maximize their revenue through our expertise across a broad range of digital channels. We created The digipOd during our studies at the Digital Marketing Institute in Dublin. Our aim is to gain experience by helping you grow your business thanks to our knowledge in Digital Marketing.

Why not check out  www.the digipod.com and see can we help your business really stand out online.


With a degree in Applied psychology and a Post-graduate diploma in  Digital Marketing in my back pocket, I am now exciting all around me in the area of Digital marketing. I am always dreaming of the next big thing!

I am a digital account manager in Matrix Internet where I am building a team that will conquer the world. Since starting I have grown the accounts by over 400% (not bad eh!). We are continuing to make our customers smile at or results on a daily basis and love to talk digital with anyone who is listening!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, I am also one of the co-founders of another digital agency called the digipod. We are a group of digital marketers looking to help companies in all sectors with their digital marketing.

Our biggest client base would include small businesses, helping them to create an online platform to maximize their revenue through our expertise across a broad range of digital channels. We provide high quality, low cost web solutions across Ireland.

I love to Travel and I am very passionate about all things tech.

Find out more about my projects and what I can do for your company.