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Opening Pandora’s Box

Email Marketing

14 Nov Opening Pandora’s Box

Did you know that there’s a form of marketing that returns €38.85 for every €0.88 spent? Over the next few months, there will be a discovery of various parts of digital marketing and how it can help your business. The aim is that my readers will all be a little wiser on how to do digital for their companies. Open rates are challenging for everyone. If people don’t open your email, they don’t see your marketing.

So many critics are saying that email marketing is “dead”. That is totally wrong, talk to me more and I can give you proof. It still has one of the highest engagement rates and returns on investment of any marketing strategy out there. The trick is standing out from the crowd. So how do you start getting people to open yours?

  1. Market to one person

Think about when you get an email. Are you more likely to open it if it has your name on it? I would. Put the user’s first name in your subject line. Write your text as if you were writing it to your perfect customer. This higher level of engagement will help to engage the readers and get them opening more messages in the future.

  1. Send from a person, not a company

When deciding to open an email, recipients first check to see if they know the person sending the message. An email from a company gets marked as advertising immediately, which can get your email deleted. An email that appears to be coming from an actual individual at your firm is more personal and much more likely to get opened.

  1. Subject is your first impression.

It’s the first thing a reader sees when it comes into their inbox. You are missing a trick by not A/B testing your subject line either. It’s not just for websites.

  1. It’s all about the quality

You need to provide the quality that users have come to expect. If you are sending interesting, engaging and informative emails, prepare to see your open rates skyrocket in the coming months. If you are sending the same old boring shite, like information they could easily find elsewhere or worse talking about your promotions all the time, people are going to bin your stuff.

One more thing. Timing is everything!

In marketing, timing is everything. This is no truer as it is in email marketing. Make sure you’re sending your emails at the most suitable times based on their intended audience, message and intent. Research your industry and understand what is appropriate.

So start now, get fixing up those subject lines, talk to you customers on a one to one and make sure your timing is suitable. If you need a little hand with getting started, then please get in touch!


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