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Having a strong SEO strategy is quite often not enough for many businesses given the popularity of pay-per-click advertising. Some companies can invest heavily in order to perform well across Search Engines only for a rival to pay a very small amount for their ad to appear at the top of Google.


The real beauty of pay-per-click advertising is that – as the name suggests – you only pay when your ad is clicked!


Dublin adwords consultant

Pay-per-click advertising through Google AdWords can get your site seen on Google for any search term no matter what it is. It is a great deal more targeted as your ad shows up for keywords being searched for as opposed to the splash effect of a tv ad or radio ad. For many businesses, it can be a cost effective way to advertise. Because it is online it is also easy to measure the success of your campaigns through analytics.

Through Google AdWords businesses can opt to have text ads shown across Google Search, image ads shown across specific websites of your choosing, and video ads appearing on YouTube.

You can also decide who your ad appears to. Certain age groups and genders can be targeted while remarketing ads to past visitors of your website can be particularly popular and effective.

PPC campaigns work best in tandem with a strong SEO performance. Combining both can give your business the strongest possible footing in the world of Search Engine Marketing.

I am an accredited Google Partner. This means I hold a Google certified qualification for AdWords. I also have access to Account Managers in Google HQ who are able to provide me with insights into industry trends and competitor performance.