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Great Tools for Greater Digital Marketing

28 Oct Great Tools for Greater Digital Marketing

In today’s connected world, it is impossible to overstate the importance of digital marketing. With the right skills, you need the right tools. We have listed out some of the great tools you can use this year for proficient digital marketing.

Digital Marketing


Tool 1: Google Keyword Planner: 

Google Keyword is one of the best research tools available. Until recently, all you needed was an AdWords account but now you need to have an active campaign. You can easily predict how a list of keywords might perform.


Tool 2: Sprout Social:

Sprout Social is your assistant for social media. It helps from management to engagement of platforms for business. Sprout Social makes it really easy for brands to effectively engage with customers.


Tool 3: Facebook’s Power Editor:

Power Editor is a great tool from Facebook to create and run advertising campaigns. Facebook frequently releases new budget and targeting features. We consider it best for new marketers on paid social front.


Tool 4: Twitter’s Analytics:

Twitter being major network for advertising and has fantastic features for targeting and engaging with tweets. You can easily manage tweet activity and followers using “Twitter Cards”.


Tool 5: AdWords Editor:

AdWords Editor is really helpful for regular AdWords users. The redesigned interfaces make it even easier. AdWords Editor is one of the essential tools.


Tool 6: MailChimp:

MailChimp has over eight million users which make it an incredible email marketing platform. MailChimp’s simple yet powerful platform structure is easy for an amateur. It is also available with freemium plans for starters.


Tool 7: SimilarWeb (Swayy):

SimiliarWeb crawls about fifty thousand pieces of content every day. Then provides a list of suggested content on a simple platform. It continually counts your audience’s interest

level based on retweets and responses. Swayy also customizes its future suggestions.


Tool 8: Followerwonk:

Followerwonk is an incredible tool for local marketers. It enables you to compare Twitter users and search bios by location.


Tool 9: Mention:

Mention helps you receive real-time notifications about what users say about your brand on social media. It lets you quickly react to mentions with retweets and shares.


Tool 10: Sidekick:

Sidekick is another exciting tool that helps you with email marketing. Get to know who is viewing your emails and how many times.


That ends it. Great skills demand great tools.

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