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5 Email Marketing Tips For Small Businesses


14 Oct 5 Email Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

If I told you there was a way to reach out to your customers anywhere in the world without spending a lot of money, you would take my arm and all. To take what Uncle Ben says “with great power comes great responsibility”, people don’t give their email addresses to just anyone.

Are you thinking about starting a company newsletter? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

  1. Subscription needs to be easy.

There are hundreds of ways to get people to sign up to your newsletter; get a sign up form on your homepage, on your blog, or even your Facebook page. The main point is to make it as easily available as possible to anyone that wants to get on the list. Try collecting as much data from them as you can, like names and birthdays (where you can offer a special offer or gift) but don’t lose the plot with the required fields because if it’s too long people will lose interest.

  1. Let them know what they are in for.

If your plan is to send out company updates, newsletters from the MD, the latest e-commerce deals, daily deals or even weekly tips on something related to what your company does, make sure to pre-warn your readers about what they can expect and how often it will be in their inbox.

  1. Think about mobile.

If it doesn’t work on mobile, forget it. Everyone is on their mobile these days. If you are on public transport look around and see how many people are looking at these damn devices. In China they have walking lanes for people on their phones. If your campaign doesn’t show up on mobile devices, it’s going to miss the mark. No bones about it. 63 percent of Americans and 41 percent of Europeans would either close or delete an email that’s not optimized for mobile. Get that responsive template sorted.

  1. Welcome your audience

So they sign up, they are all excited and waiting to get your email and wha wha, nothing. Make sure you are popping them an automated email thanking them for joining you on your amazing journey into the rabbit hole. You could even send new subscribers an exclusive offer to measure how effective the list may be in future.

  1. Be on brand with it.

You spend years creating a brand for your company and it sells people on how awesome it is and then you send an email with just the logo on it. Not cool. Email campaigns should match the brand’s essence in its look and feel. Companies can help you to create responsive templates that work really well in with the brand. If it is on brand, users will feel more familiar from the start. It’s how they feel that matters!

Keep these 5 in mind and your email will really kick ass and start selling your product and getting you leads very soon.

Want a little help with email marketing? Then go ahead and get in touch!


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